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Some links to help expand upon Margaret Mead

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Margaret Mead

Here are some links to further expand upon Margaret and her studies

Here is a link dealing with where she had spent most of her studies.

Manu'a Islands

Siapo is one of the oldest Samoan cultural art forms.


The Margaret Mead Award is presented to a younger scholar for a particular accomplishment such as a book, film, monograph, or service

The Margaret Mead Award

Institute for Intercultural Studies was founded by Margaret. Her daughter is the president.

The Institute for Intercultural Studies

Here is a few websites dealing with a little more of the controversy between Mead and Freeman

Margaret Mead, Derek Freeman ...and the Samoans

Derek Freeman: Reflections of a Heretic

Margaret was at one time the Curator of The American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History

Margaret was an avid environmentalist

The Nature Conservancy

Margaret's daughter, Mary Catherine Bateson, is following in her mother's footsteps and has a regular column in Pink magazine entitled Peripheral Vision.

Mary Catherine Bateson

PINK Magazine: A Beautiful Career, A Beautiful Life

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